Much Ado About Nothing

4th January 2013 – 2nd February 2013

This Much Ado About Nothing was set locally in Albany, Western Australia, at the end of the Second World War. A ‘Shakespeare meets Dad’s Army’, this hilarious war of the sexes  delighted audiences with its mixture of star-lit romance, scheming rogues, and the silliness of the home-guard.

The fun-filled and uproarious comedy was presented at Kings Park and Botanic Garden under the artistic direction of Paige Newmark. The cast featured the award-winning actress Hannah Day, newly arrived from Scotland to play Beatrice, as well as David Davies, who returned to Perth to play Benedick after working with the Bell Shakespeare Company and running his own GB Shakespeare Company in the UK.  WA audiences were delighted to see Sam Longley once again performing at Shakespeare in the Park as the hapless Dogberry, along with a host of Shakespeare WA favourites, Stephen Lee, Sean Walsh, James Hagan, Claire Munday, and Nick Maclaine.  Shakespeare WA was pleased to welcome Garreth Bradshaw from Upstart Theatre and Marko Jovanovic, as well as newcomers Geordie Crawley, Sophie Lester, and Jordan Holloway to the 2013 production.


Carol Flavell Neist in ArtshubThis is a very funny production”

 “While the wonderful entertainment of Shakespeare in the Park may not warm your bones, it will certainly warm your spirit!”

Mark Naglazas in The West:   “This vibrant, inventive production also drops in many other period touches.”

“Newmark should be praised for bringing together David Davies as Benedick,  . . .  and Hannah Day as Beatrice”

“It’s a heartbreaking scene well handled by the cast, with Lester shaking us up with a genuine outpouring of emotion.”