Abaf Awards Shakespeare WA and Santos Good Practice Recognition

Abaf Awards Shakespeare WA in conjunction with their partner Santos the Good Practice Recognition.  Abaf (Australian Business Arts Foundation) gave the accolade for the exemplary practice in partnering an arts organisation with a business.

Although we are extremely pleased that the judges found us worthy of such an honour, we are particularly excited about this recognition as:

  • Shakespeare WA and Santos have now won this coveted recognition for three years in a row – which is every year that the partnership has existed.
  • Shakespeare WA was shortlisted down to one of four organizations, where all the other nominees have budgets ten to 50-fold larger – truly a David and Goliath situation: Chevron with WA Symphony Orchestra (budget of $17 million), Hollywood Private Hospital and WA Opera (budget of $6 million), and Woodside and WA Museum (budget of $31 million)
Congratulations to the teams at Santos and Shakespeare WA.